How to ScRRRatch!

A quick "How it works" video!


As a player, you are free to enter eligible competitions for free and for the prizes advertised. The rate or "velocity" at which you can enter a competition is set by the advertiser. Each time you play, rate, introduce, or share a competition, you earn play points (PP) which are credited to your account. You may use your points to enter your favourite competitions without limitation or to enter points only games which require that you engage with other games in order to enter them.


Our clients include media houses, advertising companies, blue chips and related corporates who work with us to setup and maintain competitions on their behalf. Our advertisers offer goods and services in return for the opportunity to offer product and service related advertising to our player base.

Play Points (PP)

Play Points are a type of loyalty point used to manage the flow of our competitions. We provide you with "just in time" points so that you may enter our competitions within the competition parameters. You may win them as prizes or earn them by referring your family, friends and colleagues to us.

The competitions

Competitions are created for our clients and follow the rules as governed by the relevant local legislation. The purpose of our system is to make the process of entering competitions simple, easy and fun.

Each competition created comes with a Play Point value (cost to enter), a velocity setting (how often you can enter for free) and a Bonus value (PP's awarded to you for enter the competition). Each competition has a governing set of rules and should you win a prize, you will find details linked to your winning ticket on the person to contact in order to claim your prize.

The games

We design casino, sweepstakes, skill, lottery, scratch, slot and similar types of games to be used with our competitions as a service to our advertisers who wish to make it fun for players to win products and services that they supply.